Dual-Action Advanced Support For Digestion & Nutritional Absorption

NANA EZI’s Enzyme Probiotic Complex contains Naturally- Based Digestive Enzymes Complex & Kefir Probiotics; an ideal choice for individuals looking for a superior level of dual nutritional benefits



Relationship Between Human Absorption & Enzymes

  • Eating and absorption Under the action of enzymes
  • Food enters the mouth
  • Digest and decompose
  • Enter the intestine
  • Full absorption
  • Removal of residue

Plant composition and efficacy ingredients

  • ARGAN STEM CELL – Support digestive system
  • KEFIR PROBIOTIC – Nutrition absorbent
  • PEACH – Relieve constipation
  • KIWI GUAVA – Reduce bloating
  • PASSION FRUIT – Weight control Improve immune system

Nana Ezi’s Probiotics content

Kefir – a pure natural detox probiotic, is made from milk or goat milk and is a type of yogurt. It contains vitamin A, B2, B12, C calcium lactate, pantothenic acid, folic acid, nucleic acid, amino acids, various free fatty acids, etc.; both control fat production further support microbial balance of healthy Intestinal microflora imbalance may lead to inefficient digestion. Additionally, intestinal microflora helps promote absorption of nutrients, further supporting digestive health.

6 Steps improving body system

  1. Drive vascular, respiratory, lymphatic channels
  2. Enzymes that boost organs to activate metabolism
  3. Strengthen the liver, let the liver secrete glutathione beneficial bacteria
  4. Improving nutrient uptake & metabolism in the digestive system
  5. Improving body immune system
  6. Improvement & good body environment

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